Episode 73

Published on:

7th Jul 2023

#73 Can AI Build a Website in Minutes? 22 Content Types, SEO Extensions

This is the ’90-Day Website Mastery Podcast’, a fun and action packed series about feeling proud of your website again!

Hosted by Jonny Ross and Pascal Fintoni who will share decades of experience in website design and management to transform your website into an online destination your customers will talk about.

Tune in for actionable tips, practical advice and inspiring website stories!


You ask, we answer

One question submitted by the community or researched online (i.e. google instant, Answer The Public) and answered by Pascal and Jonny:

I have seen adverts for AI websites that can be built in minutes. But how long does it really take to build a website?

Jonny and Pascal will look into the temptation of creating websites faster with AI-powered solutions, but is it better?

Website Stories

One article, or podcast, video, infographic, etc. reviewed by Jonny and Pascal who share their reactions and lessons:

For this episode, we have chosen an infographic from Giraffe Social Media and reviewed by Mark Walker-Ford for Social Media Today:


22 Types of Content You Should Create to Reach Your Audience [Infographic]

The team from Giraffe Social Media shared their content tips in this infographic.

They break things down as follows:

  • Awareness stage (Blog posts, infographics, podcasts, ebooks, cheatsheets, whitepapers.)
  • Consideration stage (case studies, demo videos, quizzes, product webinars, whitepapers.)
  • Decision stage (Free trials, live demos, consultations, coupons, testimonials, comparison sheets.)
  • Retention stage (Ongoing support, online chat, coupons, loyalty rewards, email follow-ups.)

The Website Engine Room

Two apps, software solutions or kit (one each) that can make life easier as a website manager and website content creator:

Pascal Fintoni: Post Genius https://www.postgeniusapp.com/ use lateral thinking and use this app to create a selection of testimonials to send your customers for approval 

Jonny Ross: SEOquake https://www.seoquake.com/index.html  is a free plugin that provides you with key SEO metrics, along with other useful tools such as SEO Audit and many others

The Website Call To Action

The ONE change or adjustment that you should be making to your website right now:

Jonny Ross: Time to update your photos, the power of a new photo shoot is immense!

Pascal Fintoni: Time for a mid-year review of your case studies and testimonials, look back at completed projects over the past 6 months and compile a list of stories to produce over the coming weeks.

We will be back with another podcast episode, in the meantime feel free to send your questions, share your preferred app and links to your website once you have made the changes we spoke about, we would love to give you a shout out!

Jonny and Pascal

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