Episode 110

Published on:

2nd Jul 2024

#110 Supercharge Your Website Performance with AI and Expert Insights

Welcome to the 90-Day Website Mastery Podcast, the essential guide to boosting your website's performance and reigniting pride in your online presence. Hosted by Jonny Ross and Pascal Fintoni, this podcast complements our 90-Day Website Mastery Programme by providing actionable tips and expert advice. In our 30th episode, we dive into AI-driven strategies, off-page SEO tactics, and much more.

Episode Highlights:

Segment 1: You Ask, We Answer

  • Question: Can AI help me with my SEO campaign? Do you have any tips for using ChatGPT or Google Gemini to optimise my website content? (Part 2)
  • Answer: Jonny and Pascal explore how AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Gemini can enhance off-page SEO. Learn about AI-assisted link-building, content creation, and more to improve your online reputation and trustworthiness.

Segment 2: Website Stories

  • Recap Special:
  • Jonny Ross: Key insights from the Intuit Mailchimp Conference in London on 13 June 2024.
  • Pascal Fintoni: Highlights from the AI Solutions for SMEs Success Conference in Durham on 20 June 2024.
  • Discussion: Jonny and Pascal share their experiences and lessons learned from these conferences, emphasizing the importance of customer-centric marketing, AI integration, and multi-channel strategies.

Segment 3: The Website Engine Room

  • Featured Tools:
  • Jonny Ross: TidyCal – An alternative to Calendly that simplifies calendar management and meeting bookings, integrates with Zoom and Stripe, and offers a user-friendly experience at a lower cost.
  • Pascal Fintoni: AI Test Kitchen by Google – Experiment with MusicFX, ImageFX, and the upcoming VideoFX tools to enhance your media content and brief AI assistants effectively.
  • Benefits: Discover how these tools can streamline your workflow, enhance productivity, and improve your website management.

Segment 4: The Website Call To Action

  • Jonny Ross: Integrate engaging video content into your service and product pages to boost user interaction and dwell time.
  • Pascal Fintoni: Improve website accessibility by creating audio and video summaries of your best-performing articles using AI. Embed these multimedia versions to enhance user experience and engagement.

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Introduction to 90 Day Website Mastery Podcast


to the 30th episode of the 90 Day Website Mastery Podcast, expressing

gratitude to the audience and sharing the purpose of the podcast.

Exploring Strategies for Website Optimization



Exploring Strategies for Website Optimization


on strategies to make websites work harder and reignite pride in online

presence, including segments on on-page and off-page optimization.

Off-Page Optimization and Link Building



Off-Page Optimization and Link Building


on off-page optimization, link building, and the use of AI to aid in

the research phase of link building. Link Building and Online PR



Link Building and Online PR


of link building as a form of online PR and the use of AI to analyze

competitors and identify backlink opportunities. Online Reputation




Online Reputation Management


on the shift from link building to online reputation management and the

importance of finding relevant websites for backlink opportunities.

AI-Assisted Brainstorming for Offsite SEO



AI-Assisted Brainstorming for Offsite SEO


of using AI for brainstorming, content analysis, and relationship

building in offsite SEO strategies. AI for Offsite SEO Coaching and




AI for Offsite SEO Coaching and Research


on using AI to facilitate coaching sessions, research, and content

optimization for offsite SEO. AI Ethics and Governance



AI Ethics and Governance


on the ethical use of AI, empowerment, engagement, enhancement,

optimization, and transformation in business functions. AI for Blogging

and Social Media Campaigns



AI for Blogging and Social Media Campaigns


on using AI for blogging, social media campaigns, and the ethical

considerations of AI-produced content. Website Engine Room: TidyCal and

AI Test Kitchen



Website Engine Room: TidyCal and AI Test Kitchen


of TidyCal as a calendar management tool and the use of the AI Test

Kitchen for learning AI briefing skills. Website Call to Action: Video

Content Integration



Website Call to Action: Video Content Integration


to integrate engaging video content into service and product pages to

boost interaction and increase dwell time. The Power of Accessibility



The Power of Accessibility


remarkable encounter with a blind participant highlights the importance

of accessibility on the internet and websites. Creating Media

Experiences for All Visitors



Creating Media Experiences for All Visitors


AI to create written summaries, convert them into audio and video

versions, and embed them into articles to enhance the media experience

for all visitors. Enhancing Accessibility with Audio Summaries



Enhancing Accessibility with Audio Summaries


benefits of audio summaries for those who are unable to read, visually

impaired, or prefer audio content, and a teaser for a future podcast on

accessibility. Conclusion and Next Steps


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