Episode 39

Published on:

8th Sep 2021

#39 2D, 3D and VR animation - the future of compelling content with Bill Beaumont

It's episode 39 This week I speak with Bill Beaumont Director of Distant Future Animation Studio Bradford, working for clients including the BBC, the NHS, Trainline.com and West Ham United.

He has got over 10 years experience developing and delivering creative projects, responding to briefs, storyboarding, designing and producing motion graphics, 3D animation and post-production.

Recently Distant Future has adopted GPU rendering for all our 3D work and now finish projects 30 – 40% faster.

We discuss quick / throw away content, tools for teenagers wanting to get into animation, 2D vs 3D and the exciting launch of unreal engine 5!

Hear about how this is opening international doors, including TV work.

Please enjoy the episode and thanks for being a fab listener. Support me by subscribing and telling your friends!

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